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10 main requests

User: Ole V. 21 days ago
– We need spellchecking to work in all areas that have text.
– We need a way to predefine a number of text styles – in a way which makes it easy to apply a text style to selected text (heard, quote, subtitle etc). This would also allow us to change all headers (etc) in one go later, by changing the predefines text style.
– We need a way to avoid having to scroll up/down lists of pages to find certain blogposts, articles etc: search should be available in all relevant areas.
– It should be much easier to read an see text and what's inside/outside directories when looking at a long list of pages
– Editing text in FlexBoxes should be as flexible and reliable as editing text elsewhere.
– The main text boxes need common features like bullets, indent etc.
– We should be able to select text anywhere and perform 'remove formatting'
– All images should have an option to add a link to them
– Double clicking a word to select it should work the way it works in other Apple apps.
– We need, IMO, a Group function, which would let us select a few text boxes, images etc on a page and connect them to a group, which easily could be dragged or copied to somewhere else.
User: EverWeb Support 20 days ago
Hi Ole,

Thank you for reaching out and bringing the topic to our attention.

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

Hopefully, we will see them implemented in one of the future releases.
We sincerely thank you!

EverWeb Customer Support
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