Viewing photo album or scrapbook feature

photo album or scrapbook feature

User: Holly S. 6 months ago
would like a option to have a front page with covers of lots of albums on it then click one to be able to go to main page for that subject with some info on it and a half page album where you can flip through lots of photos or see thumb nail off all of them
User: EverWeb Support 6 months ago
Hi Holly,

You can place the album covers on the front page and link them (Inspector - Hyperlink - Link To: One of My Pages) to the corresponding album pages. On the album pages use the regular text box for the info and Image Gallery or Responsive Image Gallery or Image Slider Widget for the photos.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

EverWeb Customer Support
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Benjamin Franklin
User: Roddy 6 months ago
Here's an example of a snap grid and the gallery version.


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