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User: David W. 8 months ago
I am hoping someone can direct me in the right direction either with a add-on or a widget to create a search function as i am lost as to how to do it.

What i have is a jewellery design library which each page has an individual design. What i want to set a list of attributes to each design via a tick box to be able to search for instance all the emerald rings with diamond set shoulders and in yellow gold.

So i set the attributes per design when creating the page ticking which is relevant to that design. Then the user would have a search page and would select/tick the same list which would then open a page with all the matching search results as a list of the images and links to the individual design.

Kind regards
User: EverWeb Support 8 months ago
Hi David,

Thank you for posting. Please check this widget and let us know if this facilitates what you need. Here is the link to the widget.

Thank you!

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User: David W. 8 months ago
Thank you for the info but unfortunatly i can not see how i could make this work i looked at the other widgit

which i could use if it worked similar to the list version that as i could assign a letter as a attribute but the searchable product grid will not let you search for multiple items as in the example apple and a pear as i would want to find all images with a apples and pears

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User: Paul-RAGESW 8 months ago
Hi David,

We are working on a fully featured search feature for EverWeb 3.5. We should have a release soon.

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User: David W. 8 months ago
That sound great Paul i look forward to seeing it hopefully it will it work with my problem to select multiple images from a search
User: David W. 8 months ago
I have been thinking a bit more on how this could work... What would be good is to have a responsive grid that without any search input it would show all the images. Each grid box would contain a product image (withLink to the product page) a text box and an attributes box which you add letters A,B,C,D,X,Y etc. Then in the search box you were able to input B,X,Y and the grid would then only show all the images that contained B,X,Y

kind regards

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