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Slider Responsive Widget

User: Cristina R. one year ago
I'm trying to bring my website current so that it's responsive. I have started a new master page for one section. The heard and the footer are done. Yay!

However, I would like all the pages in that section to have scrolling images of book covers. Then beneath that will be the information about a book

I have installed the slider responsive widget. But it will *not* allow me to move it down into the body of the text. It won't let me drag it down and when I change the Y position it defaults back to 240.

In addition, I have reduced the cover sizes to 225 px height but when I add them, they're huge!

Unfortunately, when I click on the ? for help, it goes to a sorry, that's a broken link page.

Could really use some help here, please!

User: Roddy one year ago
You must be using an older widget that was designed for fixed with web pages.

There are two sections of the EverWeb Widgets with widgets for responsive pages...

Responsive widgets

CSS Grid Layout widgets


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User: EverWeb Support one year ago
Hi Cristina,

Thank you for details.

Please, double-check whether you are using Responsive layout on your page. You can check it under Inspector Tab - > Page Settings.

Also, please create a support ticket with us and send us screenshots of the issue. We will be able to investigate after that.

Looking forward to your reply.

EverWeb Customer Support
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