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Third party widget storage

User: John K. 8 months ago
I have been using quite a lot of roddy McKays third-party widgets in the grid form fixed and responsive platforms but after a recent glitch with software corruption, I reinstalled EverWeb and cleaned all of the relevant files away however when I came to reinstall them it dawned on me that I have to individually click on install each of the widgets I have some 500 widgets to install which is quite painstaking I wondered if once I had unzipped them into their respective folders if I could drag and drop them into EverWeb is storage for widgets which I assume is a hidden folder?
User: EverWeb Support 8 months ago
Hi John,

Thanks for your question.

Yes, it is possible to install multiple widgets at one time.

Either drag and drop a folder full of widgets onto the Widgets list in the main window and EW will create a new category with all those widgets.


Drag multiple widgets from the finder to the EverWeb application OR to the Widgets list in the main window.

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