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User: Jacob C. 20 days ago
Currently, if you click on Find Unused Assets under the gear icon, you get a prompt after it searches asking "Do you want to delete the unused assets? "with "Yes" and "No" buttons. Unfortunately, you cannot see the highlighted unused assets because they are greyed out under the prompt. This is especially trueif you have a long list of pics and files. You have to push Yes or No to see the assets discovered in the search.. If you push "Yes" you may inadvertently delete an asset that is not currently used but may be needed later. The only safe option, appears to be to push the "No" button, then you can review the highlighted list. Even then, though, if after review , you decide to delete a particular unused asset, you are not given the option to delete only it. Instead, you get the same prompt "Do you want to delete ALL your unused options?" If I'm am presenting this correctly, I recommend the engineers rethink how this useful option is displayed so that:
1. Users can see all the highlighted items without having to push the Yes/No prompt
2. Give the user the option to select unused assets individually for deletion. While this can be done currently without using the search for unused assets option, it would be nice to have it as an option while using search for unused assets. Consider me a very satisfied EverWeb user and advocate---just hoping to make a constructive suggestion.
User: Paul-RAGESW 20 days ago
Hi Jacob,

Thanks for the feedback.

I think you make a good point and it is something we will consider. We will have to determine a more useful user interface for this feature.

In the meantime, you can select 'No' from the dialog asking if you want to delete unused assets. Then scroll through the list and if you find an asset you don't want to delete, on your Mac hold down the Command key as you click a selected item. This will unselect ONLY that item and keep the other unused assets selected.

Another solution is after scanning for unused assets, click 'No' again. Then right click on any selected asset and from the menu select 'Add Folder...'

Then create a new folder called something like "Unused Assets". Now all of your unused assets will be grouped together and you can easily go through them all deleting the ones you don't need.

I hope this solution helps for the time being.

Perhaps a good way to solve this issue would be if the dialog box provides an option to move all the unused assets to a new folder for you automatically as described above.

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