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User: John K. 8 months ago
I have a varied collection of Everwebs third-party widgets. The three platforms of fixed ,css and responsive of which I find interesting elements from each one; apart from the key element of resizing for each device I wondered if you can use widgets and crossover, such as I find the Fixed Width gallery widgets into a CSS widget built website?


User: EverWeb Support 8 months ago
Hi John,

Thank you for reaching us!

You can contact Roddy for any third party related widgets:

Let me know if any questions arise.

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User: Paul-RAGESW 8 months ago
Hi John,

Let me see if I can help answer the question.

Responsive widgets should be able to be used on Fixed Width pages. They will be full width with a minimum width set to what you have specified for the Content Width under Inspector->Page Settings. This should usually be the case but some widgets may ONLY work properly on responsive websites. It would be best to try them or to ask the developer of the widget.

A fixed width widget can be used in a Responsive Row on a Responsive page. The Responsive row is used for widgets and objects that are not made for responsive pages. It basically groups together objects and aligns them properly based on the width of the browser.

I am not sure what you mean by CSS widgets, as they will either be fixed or responsive. But generally the same rules as above should apply to any widget.

Hope this helps!

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