Viewing Master pages with variable content

Master pages with variable content

User: Victor E. one month ago
I need to create many pages with identical layout. For instance, they all have a Vimeo link. So I thought I'd make a master page with a Vimeo block, and put a unique link in them on the actual pages. This doesn't seem to work: you can not edit master page elements once you're on a page.

Any idea how I can use master pages for having a shared layout, but unique content?
User: EverWeb Support one month ago
Hi Victor,

Thank you for posting!

You need to apply the master page you regular pages through Inspector > page Settings > Master Page.

Then you can add the unique content to the regular page.

You can also watch as short video tutorial on the topic.

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User: Victor E. one month ago
Yes, but what if the unique content is the contents of a Vimeo box? So the Vimeo box is on the master page, but each page has a different link in that box. I looked at that video and there the master page is really completely 100 percent fixed for all the pages. I want pages to have a shared design.
User: Frank M. one month ago
Victor, As far as I know, you can make multiple master pages. If you made your first Master Page and gave it a name say "Vimeo 1" then duplicate that page and go in and change the Vimeo link and name that Vimeo 2.

You would need to make the link to the vimeo video when in Master Page creation-editing mode.

But I think you could just as easily make a single master page and then make your "regular pages" linked to that Master page and put unique Vimeo links on each of those pages.

But if there is a reason, you need the first, then you can make multiple Master Pages, but in the Insector each page linked to That Unique Page would need to be directed to use that specific Master Page which would need to have unique names.

Hope that helps you.

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