Viewing A directory of blogs?

A directory of blogs?

User: Gary L. 12 days ago
Tried searching & didn't find anything.
Restarting a Web presence after a few years away from the code & only a couple of weeks into Everweb.
Previous work with iBlog, iWeb, RapidWeaver, & Sandvox. Karelia's unresponsiveness coincided with my apathetic decision to walk away myself, until it's been so long I might as well just start over.
Is it feasible to create a directory containing multiple blogs? I've had several that I'd like to resurrect & maintain in a single project location.
User: Paul-RAGESW 12 days ago
Hi Gary,

Welcome to the EverWeb community!

You can create as many blogs as you like in a directory. Just create the directory first, then select the directory in the web page list.

After, click the Add page button for each blog you want to add.

Hope this helps!

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User: Gary L. 12 days ago
Thanks Dave.
I'll give it a shot.
Still have a few weeks of learning & testing before I actually start publishing, not that there's any hurry in lockdown. :0
I found where I can change the posting date & how to align it, but is there a way to move the date to the end of a post?
Thanks in advance.
User: EverWeb Support 12 days ago
Hi Gary,

Thank you for posting this question. Here is the screenshot on how you manage the date of the post. However, currently is not possible to put to the bottom of the post. I have added this a feature suggestion to the necessary communication channel.

Thanks again for posting on our forum!

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