Viewing Adding a page to a NAV directory make the whole site upload

Adding a page to a NAV directory make the whole site upload

User: David W. 4 months ago
I have created a site with drop down menus and if i add a page to the directory the whole site flags up red and i have to upload the whole site. I can understand the pages with the navigation bar would need to uploaded but why does it have to upload pages that have no navigation bar.

I will have hundreds of pages that have no nav bar and all have a video and images as each are a bespoke client design, i can see causing me problems. I created a ticket to support on this problem and the response was that they would discus with the developers.

Do any users have a solution or suggestions on how to add a page to a drop down menu that only updates the navigation pages and not the whole site?

Kind regards
User: EverWeb Support 4 months ago
Hi David,

Thank you for details on the issue.

Most likely, the issue appears because you have a navigation menu on your website. Since the nav menu is placed on most, if not all the pages, when you add new pages and choose to include them in the navigation menu, the nav menu is updated on all those pages, so they are considered changed and thus get republished next time.

To circumvent this, when adding a new page and choosing a template, please deselect “Include page in navigation menu” option. That way you will be able to only publish the new page, but please note that it will not be included in the navigation menu. If you need it to be included, all the pages with the navigation menu will need to be republished.

You can also do it this way: don’t include new pages in the navigation menu to be able to publish faster while constructing the website, and once you’re done and ready with the whole site and have more time, include them all and republish.

Let me know if any questions arise.

EverWeb Customer Support
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Benjamin Franklin
User: David W. 3 months ago
Hi Benjamin
thanks for your reply but i do believe there is a fundamental problem with the built in navigation options. I have in total some 28 pages that have a Nav Bar on them and totally understand that if i add another page with a Nav Bar or edit the nav bar settings then all 28 pages would need to be re published. But what happens is that my whole site, thats every page goes red and has to be uploaded which have NO Nav Bar or links.

This then takes ages to upload as i will have hundreds of individual pages. I have had to ditch the built in Navigation system and source a Add-on widget to use on my navigation pages to stop the full site uploads, which is a shame as i would have preferred to use the built in options.


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User: Collin S. 4 days ago
Have you fixed your problem? Cuz faced the same one. After I added the website page to NAV directory the whole site started uploading.
No navigation menus on my website tho.
Thanks in advance

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