Viewing Option to not publish certain page / option for 'test type' page for trialling things.

Option to not publish certain page / option for 'test type' page for trialling things.

User: Ryan M. 29 days ago

It would be awesome to have an option not to publish certain pages in EverWeb. Or an alternative the option to add 'test pages' which don't publish.

The reason being, it is helpful to trial things in Everweb and also test out different designs/fonts/ layouts etc. I use a page for this but it doesn't need to be published. I also keep a page of useful assets, e.g. logos, buttons etc to copy and paste to pages at later dates.

Is this something easy to implement?

I wonder if other people work in a similar way to me :D

User: EverWeb Support 28 days ago
Hi Rayan,

Thank you for your excellent suggestion. I'll forward your post to our product team for review.
At the moment, you can still duplicate your project file, and any adjustment you make you can copy past it on the main project file. (the duplicated one will be addressed for testing)

As for the assets, you can upload them to your main project and keep them saved (not published) although you are not using them. They will remain under assets on your right side. You can drag and drop the image/file assets to the page anytime.

Let me know if you have further questions.

Thank you.

EverWeb Customer Support
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User: Courtney H. 24 days ago
Ryan -

Here's a workaround I use...
Create the test page. Make sure it is not set to show on the menu. Go to any page and find something to use for a link. (I use the ""Updated: Date") on my home page. Highlight a couple of letters or words and create a link to that test page.)
Make sure the link is not highlighted with color changes or underline.
There you go. I've been using this hack for a couple of years and no one has stumbled on it yet. No perfect but it works.

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