Viewing Problem with blog

Problem with blog

User: Myron M. 5 months ago
I have used the fixed page blog for quite some time with no problems. Today, I cannot get it to work.

I create a new Post and enter text in the editor window. That works ok. I can type or paste with no problem. The problem I am having is that the Preview window does not update. It just keeps the default text.

I went to another computer and created a new blog and everything worked just fine.

Both computers are using EW 3.3.1 build 2379. One computer used OS 10.11.6 while the computer that has the working blog is 10.13.6. As far as I can tell, all settings in EW are the same.

It has been several months since I made a blog entry so I probably forgot something, but what??

Thanks for the help.
User: EverWeb Support 5 months ago
Hi Myron,

I am sorry to hear about the issue with the blog. Since you are able to enter the text in the text editor, we may need to take a look at the project file directly, to see if it is actually a bug or an erroneous configuration.

Please open the support ticket by the link after this message, and we will instruct you on how to share the project file with us.

Thank you in advance! We will be waiting for the support ticket.

EverWeb Customer Support
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