Viewing A Podcast Widget

A Podcast Widget

User: Chris B. 9 days ago
Hey guys this would be amazing!. I podcasting widget that would allow you to self host on your site (for safe keeping) and would also allow you to set up the required Information for the major podcasting servers. (images / info etc).
Once done to submit this podcast information to itunes etc as a new episiode...

I currently do this on Wordpress using a plugin however I want to come off Wordpress as I was recently hacked.
User: EverWeb Support 8 days ago
Hi Chris,

Thank you for posting this suggestion.

Yes, at the moment there is no default EverWeb widget for this, and I will be happy to forward this feature suggestion to our Development Department.

However, you can try out the third-party widget for podcast:

Kind Regards,

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Benjamin Franklin
User: Chris B. 5 days ago
Hi Ted,i looked at this one however it doesn't automatically submit the latest podcasts you upload for you to iTunes etc.
Most plugins can do this for you, it would be fantastic if a widget to do this was developed.

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