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Newbie having a hard time

User: Kevin P. one month ago
Hello All, I recently purchased the stand alone version and have created a ticket because, quite frankly, I just don't understand. I'm spending stressful hours trying to get up and running. I have the basis of a good site built and have uploaded it. Tech support is doing their best to help me with the mobile version but it's opened another pandoras box of issues/questions. I'm just not grasping the basics and seem to need a lot of hand holding. If there is an Everweb user who experienced who feels like being a mentor to this newbie I would be grateful. Still within my 60 days refund and hate to bail. I figure, once the basic set up is there for all devices, then all I need to do is update the existing content, not necessarily add more pages. Thank you!
User: EverWeb Support one month ago
Hi Kevin,

Thank you for posting!

I do remember the project file you shared with us. It is a decent, (almost) complete website, and, yes, we would be chagrined to hear you stop with this such an amount of effort invested already.

EverWeb Support Team not only assist you with the support queries, but also offer training sessions with screen sharing. If interested, please send a message to the Support Team, so we formulate the training agenda and help you.

Surely, our numeral tutorials will help too. You can always find them on our website:

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with EverWeb Support Team. We will be happy to assist you further.


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User: Kevin P. one month ago
Hi Ted. Thank you so much. The amazing Stevie, one of your team members has been working with me as well. The "bones" of the desktop version are there and I'm quite pleased with it. The issue is my complete ineptness in grasping the mobile pages. We've been working on the proper redirect, and the menus are changed for the mobile version. I have complete confidence in Stevie, I just feel badly that every email in my ticket is "here is the issue now". That said, I had no idea that you offered screen sharing training sessions. Building the desktop site was pretty straight forward, it's the mobile pages or am I better doing responsive pages and how to that then. Maybe it's the pandemic isolation that's making my brain "numb". Please let me know what the next steps are in that. Meanwhile a big shout out and thanks to Stevie for all of her patience and help. Kevin
User: Steve 24 days ago
Hey Kevin
I find it useful to build what I can sometimes fumbling through it then watching some videos, then they make more sense and are more helpful!


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