Viewing I need different responsive navigation menus just for the pages within each sub folder

I need different responsive navigation menus just for the pages within each sub folder

User: Wayne R. 14 days ago

I am very new to EverWeb.

Having an automatically created single navigation menu for the entire site is not appropriate for my needs.

I intend to create a sub folder for each of my music ensemble's concerts and I need each page within each of these folders to have its own navigation menu linking to just that concert's pages (Performers, Program, Publicity, Feedback etc.).

I have found EverWeb PowerUp's clever little widget called 'Dropdown Menu Button' which will allow me to manually set the links but it doesn't behave exactly like a menu because it has been designed to be a button.

Is there a widget that will do everything that EverWeb's 'Navigation Menu' widget does but allow me to set the links manually?

User: EverWeb Support 14 days ago
Hi Wayne,

Thank you for details on the issue.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to create multiple navigation menus in one project file, however there is a workaround for that.
You can create textboxes and link the text to different pages on your website.
This video tutorial explains how this should be done:

Let me know if any questions arise.

EverWeb Customer Support
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Benjamin Franklin
User: Wayne R. 13 days ago
Thanks for your response Benjamin.

I know I can create menus using a textbox but it would be nice to be able to include drop down menus. I guess when I need more than a single level link I'll have to use PowerUp's Dropdown Menu Button.

Perhaps a version of your Navigation Menu that can be manually configured some time in the future? :-)


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