Viewing EverWeb 3.3: Find Everything you're need!

EverWeb 3.3: Find Everything you're need!

User: Paul-RAGESW 4 years ago
In the next release of EverWeb we've made it easy to find what you are looking for anywhere in the app.

A web page search and navigation feature lets you find any page on your site while working on your project file.

You will now be able to search for widgets from the thousands that are available using the new Widget Search Feature.

The Templates window now includes a filter search field to find the template you want to use.

Learn more about the searching features coming in EverWeb 3.3.

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User: Ole V. 3 years ago
I was typing some text into a text box, and suddenly realised that me using the Return button had served as a Yes to a question about updating to 3.3. This has caused a disaster for my site (I have reported this in a ticket). I simply can't work with this site anymore. Will returning to the previous release solve these problems? And - if yes – where can I find it?

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User: EverWeb Support 3 years ago
Hi Ole,

Thank you for details on the issue!

Did you use EverWeb’s backup feature? If yes, the backup files are located by default under ~Library/Application Support/EverWeb/Backups. If you specified another folder in the preferences, then you should look in there instead.

You can also try using Spotlight to search for “everweb” and “.everweb” to find files with such an extension, because those would be EverWeb project files.

If you used Time Machine utility to back up your files, one last hope is to look for the project in earlier conditions of the system. Look for EverWeb project files under ~Library/Application Support/EverWeb.

Let me know if any questions arise.

EverWeb Customer Support
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User: Ole V. 3 years ago
I have a backup which is from the 22nd. But my question was about where I can find the previous release version. I have created a few support tickets about problems with 3.3 – one of the contains 10 screenshots documenting errors I have.
I also wonder if I can open this project – which has been edited in 3.3 – in the previous release version and hopefully see that the changes I have made is in there, but without the artefacts that came with 3,3?
User: Ole V. 3 years ago
Thanks – build 2365 seems to have solved the problems I had with the 3.3 release. That was quick!

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