Viewing Recreate website to be "responsive"

Recreate website to be "responsive"

User: Zac M. 14 days ago
Hi guys (again),

I think I messed up. I look at my website on a mobile device and it's ... not really optimized for these small screen devices. I understand "responsive" websites are able to adjust for mobile devices?

What's the easiest way to recreate my website to make it responsive? Can I just copy and paste the page objects?

Thanks again.
User: Beverly W. 14 days ago
Hi Zac,

Thank you for the details!

Responsive websites adjust to the size of the screen automatically, so yes, they are mobile friendly.

Unfortunately, to convert your existing website from centered layout to responsive, you will need to recreate it from scratch.

You can submit a ticket with link to your website if you are interested in our conversion services.
We can recreate your website for you in responsive layout.

Here are some useful video tutorials about Responsive design:

Let me know if any questions arise.

Best Regards,
EverWeb Support Team
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