Viewing Number of Backup files

Number of Backup files

User: Gary B. 22 days ago

I have my EverWeb configured to keep 5 backups, but I literally have 30-40 at this time.

1. Should it not be automatically deleting or overwriting older backups to maintain the "5" requested?
2. Each ".ewbackup" file is self-contained, correct? So I am able to delete ALL but the last 5 backups without any anticipated problems?

User: Paul-RAGESW 22 days ago
Hi Gary,

It sounds like you are using an older version of EverWeb. We fixed this issue in the more recent versions. I believe in the latest 3.2 release.

You can delete any previous backups that you want and only keep the last 5 without any problems.

If you use EverWeb 3.2 or later, it will automatically remove older backups you don't need.

It also has a Cache cleanup feature under Preferences->Backup where you can easily see which files you can delete.

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