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Image theft

User: Martin K. one month ago
Is there a widget or other feature that would prevent/discourage right clicking on an image to steal images from my photo gallery ? I'm aware this is difficult to stop but worth asking....

Searching the forum doesn't bring any result and I'd appreciate any guidance....


User: Roddy one month ago
There is no satisfactory way to prevent download of images once they are uploaded to a server. The images can be downloaded from the web page source code.

You can cover the image with a transparent overlay or add java script to prevent right click. Neither of these methods are recommended and will actually compromise your web page.

Make sure you do not upload high resolution images. Website image files should be reduced to the minimum size that will give reasonable quality. Check out this info about resizing images.

Add a © notice or watermark to the image file.

Add a caption to the actual image file.


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User: Martin K. one month ago
Many thanks for the advice Roddy, I'll act accordingly.....

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