Viewing One odd-man-out text colour in navigation menu?

One odd-man-out text colour in navigation menu?

User: Ben L. 7 months ago
I drop in a standard navigation bar. I highlight whole bar. I open the standard text box and choose my colour for the text (there is no choice for text colour change in the widget inspector). I've got a bunch of drop down menus that all seem to work, the text maintaining its one colour ... but that 'home' page in the navigation menu (which has no drop down menu) is always a different colour. I've tried redoing the navigation menu from scratch. Same issue. When I publish the home page, or first text in the navigation bar, always turns a different colour.


All ears, Ben

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 6.42.38 PM.png
User: Ben L. 7 months ago
My bad. I see I can also change the navigation bar responses in the inspector links - meaning the grey text was differentiating after-a-visit ... so everything is working as it should. I take back my question. This is what happens when one isn't building a site every week or two.

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