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User: Ken G. 3 months ago
I have designed a website for a family book club. I have discovered the accordion widget and have incorporated it onto the site-

When the book club selects a book, they usually pair it with a funny video or a vine video. I do not see where the accordion widget accommodates youtube. The existing one is for mp4 videos.

I have been using that one as a place holder and then changing the code to the following:

<div class="ewAcBody">


<div class='youtube_codegena' id='NX5Fnd3a2nY' data-params='?&theme=dark&autoplay=1&autohide=2' src=''style='width:660px; height:415px;'>

<script src=''></script>


Any chance of getting an accordion widget for youtube videos?

Thanks in advance.


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User: Roddy 3 months ago
I have updated the Accordion widget pack width a YouTube widget.

I have emailed you a download link.


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User: Ken G. 3 months ago
Thank you!

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