Viewing Viewing google fonts not visible

Viewing google fonts not visible

User: MinusMyX M. one year ago
I am going to buy this marvelous app and I just have a doubt concerning the google fonts: I set up a website using the Poppins set and following your instructions but, after disabling the font set from the OS, all the text appear in generic "Times": does it depend from the free version? Thank you!
User: Paul-RAGESW one year ago

Just to clarify do you mean within the app? Or when you preview?

When you preview your site in your browser, if you aren't using the Preview on Server option (Preferences->General -> Use Preview Server option) and you disable the Google Font on your computer, it probably won't appear properly in the browser.

When you publish it will always work regardless of whether or not the font is installed.

This is because when you preview on your computer, newer versions of safari and other browsers tend to block HTTP connections.

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