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Newbie photo question

User: Lars J. one year ago
Ok, I'm trying out Everweb. Have a huge site to make, my current site made with Frontpage many years ago. Before I buy this though I want to make sure I can use it properly. The tutuorials are great but lacking in some areas. I've got a basic directory structure done and working on actual page content. Making it from scratch of course using the blank responsive template pages.

I'm trying to create a master page for my header/footer.

I have a photo for the logo and no matter how I edit the size it blows up too big to view on the master page. The resize options are only vertical. If I edit and resize the photo it still blows it up in the program and a lower resolution.

Is there a way to resize the photo after you have dropped it on the page? Format is .jpg. Do I need to create a table or format the page in some other way first?
User: Paul-RAGESW one year ago
Hi Lars,

Sorry for the problems you are experiencing.

Some screenshots would really help better understand the issues. Here the is an Advanced button next to Post Reply where you can attached images.

Also, can you specify if you are working on a responsive or a fixed width page?

Just FYI, from the Inspector->Shape Settings you will see the Fill options. From there you will see a few settings to adjust how the image is drawn within the shape.

Also, if you are using a Responsive page and you are dropping an image onto the page, you will see the shape is automatically full width so it extends to the entire width of the page and you can only adjust the height. In this case you will want to to use the Responsive Row widget as explained in this video.

These are just assumptions of what could be the issue based on what you are describing but with actual screenshots I can understand the issue better and provide more detailed instructions.

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User: Lars J. one year ago
Ok, got it...thanks. No need to apologize, it's my unfamiliarity with the program. I'm coming from Frontpage 2007! I am using a responsive page so this is what has happened. I'll play with it a bit more, I like the way the program works though just have to figure out how to make things look right in the browser previews. Thanks.....

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