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Parallax Scrolling

User: Roddy 8 days ago
The EverWeb PhotoKit Parallax widget pack was created to provide more options for inserting parallax scrolling items such as a slider, image/text and videos. There are also a few new animations to add more movement on scroll.

There are a couple of widgets that should interest all EverWeb users. One of them is a hidden, slide up footer and the other a progressive navigation. Progressive navigation has proved to be a much better option than drop downs and the now outdated "hamburger" for smaller responsive websites.

If you don't believe that the hamburger menu is pretty much useless for getting visitors engaged in your website, here's a quote from WebDesignerDepot ...

"If you are a web designer, you’ve probably already read dozens of articles describing how the hamburger menu on mobile hurts UX metrics. The main downside is its low discoverability, and this is backed up by actual numbers. In qualitative studies, NNGroup found that hidden navigation is less discoverable than visible or partially visible navigation. This means that when navigation is hidden, users are less likely to use it. Hamburger menus drive engagement down, slow down exploration and confuse people."


NOTE: I am an EverWeb user and NOT affiliated with EverWeb! Any opinions expressed in this forum are my own.

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