Viewing Blog export/import inside Everweb

Blog export/import inside Everweb

User: Jean-Luc E. one year ago
OK, blog solutions exist outside Everweb, but for some reasons, they are not always suitable for our needs. Therefore the blog solution inside Everweb is pretty cool and efficient but…
If we need to change our Everweb site (in my case renew with full responsive capabilities) there is no easy way to keep the old blog posts and transfer them to the new blog and this is a real pain.
From what I have found, the only way is to do copy/paste. With probably more that 100 post over 3 years, it will be very time consuming.
Best regards.
User: wellnl one year ago
HI Jean-Luc

If I understand you correctly, you already have a blog in a fixed width website and are wanting to convert to responsive. You could duplicate the website project which will duplicate the blog. That's the only way to 'copy out' blog posts apart from copy and paste at the moment. Hopefully it should not be too much to convert the fixed width blog to responsive as you only need to change the blog main/archive pages then the blog post preview window.

I hope that helps if I understood your question correctly.
User: Jean-Luc E. one year ago
you are correct. This is a way I consider but no so simple if I want to apply a new template aspect to the blog.
Anyway, thank you!
User: Paul-RAGESW one year ago
Hi Jean,

The best way to do is to use a Master Page.

Design a responsive Master page that way you want and then select that Master Page for the blog pages.

Remember to set the actual Blog Post object on the posts page as well as the archive widget on the main blog and archive page to full width so that it too is responsive.

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