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Can't seem to fix the text

User: Mac T. 7 months ago
It's not fixed. I thought I did fix it but it's still wrong.

I hate when this weird stuff happens.

I had to update this website with current information and I copied and pasted it from a text file so I'm assuming there was no formatting. Even when I type it by hand, no copying and pasting the same words are getting screwed up. I don't get why. I've been told before by Everweb when this sort of thing happens to delete everything from the server and upload again. But I don't have access to that. I can just upload from Everweb.

Ok so the page with the problem is a mobile page:

It's about 1/2 down on the workshop called The Life and Times of Chuck Berry. After the word Stu's you can see the text is tiny. and I typed it in at the bottom of that paragraph and it's still tiny. So either copy and paste or typing and those words are tiny.

AND on my Everweb which I uploaded I deleted the typed words (that don't make sense) at the bottom of the paragraph but yet on 2 different browsers and my iphone they are still there. I can't delete them.
User: Paul-RAGESW 7 months ago
HI Mac,

Can you please share a URL that shows the issue so we can take a look and help you fix this?

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