User: Myron M. 9 months ago
I want to create a FAQ on a private site, not public, to keep notes to myself. It does not have to be pretty, just functional. I have done this very well in Rapidweaver but as I am now moving to Everweb, I am looking for a way to do that here.

A simple blog will work (although not very well as it takes up too much space and I don't know how hide the text, and an Accordian will work better. Anyone have suggestions for me?

User: wellnl 9 months ago
Hello Myron

There is no 'built in' function in EverWeb to do this so perhaps having a blog is the best solution for you. You can hide the blog by making sure that the 'include page in navigation menu' is unchecked for the blog. This will stop the blog appearing if you are using the built in navigation menu.
In the blog itself, I would set all the posts to draft so that they do not get published, in that way they will remain 'private'.
You might want to ask for this functionality in the Feature Request section of this forum. You could also ask third party provides if they are interested in creating a widget that includes this functionality (e.g. Roddy at

Hope that helps

User: Roddy 9 months ago
There are a nmber of FAQ/Q&A widgets available for fixed width, responsive width and the new grid layout page designs...

Grid Layout Q&A and FAQ

Responsive Q&A and FAQ

Responsive Q&A for fixed with pages

Responsive Q&A for mobile version of a website

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User: Myron M. 9 months ago
Thanks for the replies. A blog is certainly the quickest and simplest solution. There are so many widgets that I end up passing over some that may be useful. I will give one or more of these a try and see what happens.

Thanks again.


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