Viewing Selling Online is Easy With EverWeb...

Selling Online is Easy With EverWeb...

User: Paul-RAGESW 4 years ago
We have a number of ways you can easily start selling digital or even physical products on your EverWeb website. It's never been easier to start selling in just minutes. Our step by step tutorials show you how easy it is to set up a fully features online store with shopping carts, multiple payment methods, coupon codes and more.

Hint: New Shipping features are coming in EverWeb 3.1 for the PayPal E-commerce Widget!

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EverWeb Developer
User: Dan N. 4 years ago
Hi Paul,
The Paypal widget is great for those entrepreneurs whos got an account. I would like a simple widget that works just like the Paypal widget but without the payment option. It could work as follows:

- Products would be listed with pictures as usually with the buy - button.
Pressing one product's buy-button would gather all the
chosen products to the cart - as usually, right.
- Next, there would be a shopping cart view with prices and amounts and the next stage would be the payment, but here's what I'd like to have changed. I'd like the widget to generate a simple page ( with prices and total sum ) that could be sent to the shop keeper by email. This could be handy if the customer picks up the products from the shop and pays in the shop. Is there any widget in your program that would match my criteria?

- Danny -

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