Viewing Responsive mode: how to insert test into a picture.

Responsive mode: how to insert test into a picture.

User: Massimo B. one year ago
Hello, I'm in a trial phase and tried to looking the tutorial videos to find the follow aspect but without results. I would put two test strings into the picture of the responsive master page. But I am not able to include them into the picture (Andromeda Galaxy) because when try to embed them into the row they are collocated out of the pic. And If simply I copy/past strings of test they do not move as a responsive object should do, as you can see in the attached file. Any tips?

Many thanks
User: Massimo B. one year ago
Do you see the image in attach?
User: wellnl one year ago
Hi Massimo!

I don't see the image that you posted, you can use the image menu option to do this.

Responsive design makes layering objects difficult. You could try this trick which may or may not be useful. Add a responsive row widget to the page then add a text box inside it.
Create your text in the box.
With the textbox still selected, go to the Shape Options tab.
Select image fill and choose the image that you want.
the text should appear over the image.
You can now use the Text inspector to adjust the location of the text over the image, so use the horizontal and vertical alignment buttons, before/after paragraph and insert margin sliders.

It's a workaround, but hope it helps!
User: Massimo B. one year ago
Manu thanks for you reply. I have a few difficulties in practise with your suggestions. At the moment I am not able to reach good results but this is my fault obviously. But I will try...
Bedt regards

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