Viewing EverWeb 3.1 Public Beta: DarkMode Support, Faster Loading Websites, Publishing Fixes + More

EverWeb 3.1 Public Beta: DarkMode Support, Faster Loading Websites, Publishing Fixes + More

User: Paul-RAGESW 4 years ago
It's that time again!

Another amazing update to EverWeb is on its way and this version is PACKED with some great new features and additions!

Our focus in this version was DarkMode support, a new Smart Inspector, faster websites, Publishing improvements and so much more!

In fact, this version makes publishing even better with automatic publishing recovery. That means if you ever get a timeout error when publishing, EverWeb waits in the background and starts publishing where the error occurred.

Download 3.1 Beta (macOS 10.10 or later)

Please remember this version is still in testing and is not a final release. We recommend working with project backups.

- DarkMode support on macOS Mojave and later
- Smart Inspector that will select the most relevant tab in the Inspector while using EverWeb
- Significantly optimized website code produces smaller HTML files that will load faster for your visitors
- Improved macOS Catalina support
- Automatic Publishing Recovery now automatically continues from where publishing time out errors occurred. If a temporary network issue, weak connection or server related issue occurs, EverWeb can continue publishing automatically without having to restart the process
- Significantly improved Widgets within EverWeb so they update faster within EverWeb's Design Canvas. You will notice significant speed improvements especially with complex widgets like FlexBox, Contact Forms, Text Section, Image Gallery and more....
- Contact forms have a new option to show a form field validation error message within the Contact Form
- Contact Form submission emails contain IP address of sender, submission date and time, and the page the contact form is on
- Contact form submission emails have an easy 'Reply' button in them to quickly reply to any submission
- New PayPal shipping settings and a new 'Handling' option for more shipping configurations options
- Blog Posts have a delete confirmation dialog
- FlexBox has a new Alternative image text option for any images you add
- Youtube widget lets you specify the time in seconds to start the video
- Optimized 'image tilling' fill options so they load significantly faster in your web browser
- "Project Loader' window shows a progress bar when opening projects in EverWeb

- Image gallery file names no longer change when re-arranging images resulting in faster publishing since all images don't have to be re-published
- Fixes to publishing site changes so all pages aren't published even when publishing just changes
- Blog posts support Google Fonts with Thin, Light, SemiBold and other typefaces properly
- Fixed Contact Form 'deprecated' errors on some servers with versions of PHP 7.3
- Contact Form shows field validation errors again
- Fixed position responsive rows now properly stack above other elements when using the 'Always On Top' option
- Fixed a 'white space' issue at the bottom of Responsive Rows that only have images in them
- Simple Contact Form works properly again
- Improved support for Secure FTP Publishing and some servers with tighter security settings
- Text Section code fixes
- Improvements to saving websites. Errors are handled better which shouldn't result in a potential crash when saving often
- Justified text in blog posts no longer causes a crash
- Widget API improvements
- Contact Form no longer sends blank submission emails
- Fixed 'Gradient fill' options in responsive rows that used opacity settings
- Stock Photos Widnow can't be set to full screen anymore

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User: Paul-RAGESW 4 years ago
EverWeb 3.1 is here!

Download the final version of EverWeb 3.1 from our Downloads Page!

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