Viewing Auto audio not working

Auto audio not working

User: Robert Lee S. 8 months ago
When I put a widget and an mp3 on a page it will not start the mp3 on load even thought I have that selected..

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User: Paul-RAGESW 8 months ago
Hi Robert,

Some browsers have changed their rules with how audio is played. They won't allow auto play if the volume is on. This is so that the visitor isn't disturbed. Many people browse the internet in public or quiet places and having a website play audio automatically would not be desirable.

Unfortunately in this case there is not much you can do since it would be the browser's limitation and restrictions.

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User: Roddy 8 months ago
Safari will nit play an MP4 video unless the soundtrack is muted. This also applies to audio files which, of course, aren't much use if muted!

An option would be to upload the MP3 fil -e along with a poster image - to YouTube and use a YouTube player set to autoplay.


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