Viewing Advanced contact form not working for months

Advanced contact form not working for months

User: Ana F. 8 months ago
i think i use your software since it was released and i know how buggy it was and what you improved. Well as you know because i told you in several mails your advanced contact form stoped working for me months ago. there is no solution i got from you, i did absolutely everything you asked me to do and still nothing. i am loosing customers and i am angry. NO i do not want a hosting plan from you, i want you to fix this it worked perfectly before you changed something.

Please fix this - how hard can that be?
User: EverWeb Support 8 months ago
Hi Ana!

I am sorry to hear about the ongoing form issues. Such cases are extremely rare. Judging on the history of this case, after we have tried everything we could the form still did not work. We believe this issue is caused by email provider blocking form submissions. Such cases are outside of our scope, because we won't be able to affect how the email host treats form submissions.


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User: Roddy 8 months ago
If you are using an email address from a provider like Google or Yahoo, try switching to a web mail address on your server and then forward this to your providers email.
It may solve the problem and also you will get the results of the form submissions much faster.

I did a test recently of this method versus using a Gmail address. The results from the web mail forward arrived instantly and those from Gmail didn't arrive until the next day.


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