Viewing horizontal responsive image slider

horizontal responsive image slider

User: Carole F. 4 months ago
Does Everweb have a horizontal responsive image slider like this:

Thank you.
User: Aristomenis X. 4 months ago
You can find something similar here:

Other than that has a huge selection of widgets and I am sure you will be able to find something that suits your needs.
User: Roddy 4 months ago
The Responsive Grid Row Carousel uses hot spot navigation on computers and swipe on touch devices. It was developed for one of our professional users who needed a carousel that would display random size images.

The widget is in the Responsive Grid Row Widgets [1] pack.

The RGL Marketing [2] pack has a more conventional Product Image Carousel which can slide more than one image at a time.


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User: Carole F. 4 months ago
Thank you Roddy and Aristomenis X!

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