Viewing horizontal responsive image slider

horizontal responsive image slider

User: Carole F. one month ago
Does Everweb have a horizontal responsive image slider like this:

Thank you.
User: Aristomenis X. one month ago
You can find something similar here:

Other than that has a huge selection of widgets and I am sure you will be able to find something that suits your needs.
User: Roddy one month ago
The Responsive Grid Row Carousel uses hot spot navigation on computers and swipe on touch devices. It was developed for one of our professional users who needed a carousel that would display random size images.

The widget is in the Responsive Grid Row Widgets [1] pack.

The RGL Marketing [2] pack has a more conventional Product Image Carousel which can slide more than one image at a time.


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User: Carole F. one month ago
Thank you Roddy and Aristomenis X!

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