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visitor email link

User: Michael M. 10 months ago
Is there a way to set up an action on my site which opens a visitor's own email program populated with my address?
User: Michael M. 10 months ago
Sorry, never mind, I figured it out. Thanks.
User: Paul-RAGESW 10 months ago
Just for people who may also want to do this.

From the hyperlink tab use the Email option from the Link drop down menu. It will create a link that when clicked will open the user's email client to send an email.

Please note that we do not recommend this because many people do not use a desktop email client such as Mail. They may use Gmail or Hotmail for example.

The Contact Form Advanced is a better way to get your visitors to email you.

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User: Michael M. 10 months ago
Hmmm, didn't think of that, thanks. I applied the link to my email address so if they didn't have a desktop email client they still had the address right there but I think your way is definitely better.
User: Roddy 10 months ago
One of the Spammers main tools is scraping software which scans website page files and collects email addresses. Creating an email link to open a visitor's email client will leave you exposed to this. An email link is much more likely to encourage visitors to interact than a contact form so it's worth taking a little time to do it right.

If you are creating a fixed width site you can use the Email Spam Protect widgets which is in the Elements pack.

If your site is responsive, consider using a Toolbar with all the contact items such as phone number which switches to a phone icon, a link to the contact form and a spam protected email link.


Overlay Toolbar

Your contact info should be placeed near the top of a page and also either in a suitable footer or in a toolbar place immediately above the footer.


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