Viewing Soundcloud and mp3 downloads

Soundcloud and mp3 downloads

User: Lilah 9 months ago
Is there a Soundcloud widget?

How do I include a free mp3 download on my website?

Thank you,
User: Roddy 9 months ago
There are two SoundCloud widgets in the Responsive Elements [2] pack.

The Responsive Podcast Playlist has an option for a download/buy link. Scroll to track [7] to see how to set up a download.

Use the freeware YemuZip to create a zip which is compatible with both PC and Mac.


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User: Lilah 9 months ago
Thank you.

Will the Soundcloud widgets work on a website that is not responsive?
How do I download the responsive podcast playlist? When I click the download icon next to track 7 it brings me back to the top of the page.

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