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User: Ingo P. 9 months ago
I've switched most of my sites to be responsive. So far so good. But I cannot find a widget which acts like the standard image gallery as it was before the switch to responsive design of Everweb.

The main feature of that widget was (and is), that I can display a specified amount of pictures on one page, and the user can switch to the next page with the same amount of pics and so on.

With the new Responsive Image Gallery the whole bundle of pics is always shown on one page (I've also bought some gallery-widgets from Roddy, but even those are displaying all pics on one page).

Does anyone know what I can do, to get the "old" gallery work with responsive design?

cheers, Ingo
User: EverWeb Support 9 months ago
Hi Ingo!

I am sorry for the delayed reply!

You may use a regular image gallery with a responsive row.
To do this, drag and drop a regular image gallery over an existing responsive row.

If you have further questions, could you please submit a support ticket?
Direct link:
I'll take it from there and will do my best to help you!


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