Viewing EverWeb 3.0 Released! New Contact Forms, Asset Organization and More!

EverWeb 3.0 Released! New Contact Forms, Asset Organization and More!

User: Paul-RAGESW 4 years ago
Are you ready for the next generation of EverWeb?

We're so thrilled to announce EverWeb 3.0 with so many new features we don't even know which one to talk about first!

Of course, the biggest change is the Contact Forms Enhanced Add-on with file uploads, SPAM protection, form submission management and exporting (among even more features)

But we also included Asset organization, one of the most requested features! Now you can organize images, PDFs, external files and any other website file in folders and sub folders under the Assets list.

We've got so many more features we put together a blog post and short video showing you all the new features EverWeb 3.0

You can easily upload from the Downloads Page or from the Check for Update menu under the EverWeb menu while using EverWeb.

EverWeb 3.0 is a free update for all users that have an active EverWeb Standalone account and all EverWeb + Hosting users.

We hope you love this new update as much as we loved developing it.

Thank you to all of our users who provided feedback and helped make this release a huge success!

EverWeb Developer
User: Courtney H. 4 years ago
Paul -

What a great job on v3. The last 18 months or so I have lived with massive slowdowns and 30 second beach balls just moving an element in EW. Dragging in a photo could take almost 60 seconds due to the number of graphic elements in the assets list.
V3 has cured all that and it's a joy to get back to snappy, responsive work on changing the site almost daily.

Just a tremendous success thank you!

MrCourtney - Honolulu, HI
Mac Studio - dial monitors; iMac 27 5K - Dual Monitors - 10 TB hub
Alienware: Area 51 - 24 gb - Dual Monitors - All SSD
25 TB network storage
User: Paul-RAGESW 4 years ago
Thanks Courtney! We really appreciate the feedback and we are glad to hear EverWeb is working faster for you.

The Assets list was completely re-written which was probably the main factor in your slow down. Now the assets lists can handle thousands and thousands of images and external files, plus they can be organized into folders and sub folders, without causing any noticeable slowdown.

Widgets are also significantly optimized as well.

Thanks again, Courtney!

EverWeb Developer
User: John B. 4 years ago
Hi, I support some kids working on older Macs. I noticed that the download for OSX 10.7 - 10.9 is still version 2.9.1. Will the Everweb 3.x eventually be available for older versions of OSX?
User: Paul-RAGESW 4 years ago
We plan on releasing EverWeb 3.1 for Mac OS 10.8 and 10.9

We work really hard to support older versions of Mac OS, but as we add more modern features, older versions of Mac OS get more difficult to support.

EverWeb Developer
User: Rachel K. 4 years ago
I downloaded the latest Everweb update, but when I go to install, it instructs me to put the new version in my Applications folder - and this will REPLACE the original application. Before I do this - will all my existing websites (both published and un published) remain intact?
User: Paul-RAGESW 3 years ago
Before I do this - will all my existing websites (both published and un published) remain intact?

You will NOT lose any data by replacing the application. EverWeb stores your website project files in the Application Support folder in the Library folder so replacing the EverWeb app will not delete any previews websites.

EverWeb Developer

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