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User: Ana F. 5 months ago
The contact form stopped working for some reason i don't know. i already told it in a ticket, all settings are correct, the hosting provider checked all as did i - no one wants to be responsible for this not working anymore.
Fact is i am losing customers as i do not get the orders. and no i don't want to add a 3rd party contact form to my website as i paid for this software to work...

solve this please
User: EverWeb Support 5 months ago
Hi Ana,

I'm sorry to hear about that.

Please, try to delete all your SMTP settings from the Advanced Contact Form and leave only email and username so that they would be the same.
After that, republish your website.

Let me know how it goes.

Best Regards,
EverWeb Support Team

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User: Ana F. 5 months ago
i did that - same - no mail. I send the project to support - i just dont get it why it stoped woking
there is also no "confirmation" text, when i send the filled form... im clueless

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User: Cornelis V. 5 months ago
I had similar problems as yours. See my previous post on
"Last week my third party hosting provider upgraded their email-platform for better email spoofing counter measures. One of the upgrade downsides was that my contact forms stopped working completely. Their advice was ditching the 'out of date' EW forms and start using PHPMailer.
Luckily EW 3.0beta was made available shortly after and due to its greater compatibility with third party web hosting providers my favourite EW contact forms are up and running again! Thanks Paul."

Did you try the latest Everweb 3.0beta? After I tried that all my Contact Form Advanced problems disappeared completely. BE AWARE: backup everything before you try!
The latest EW download version 3.0.0 Build: 2254 runs without any problem in my situation, hopefully yours too.....
User: Ana F. 3 months ago
i try out 3. i have still the problem and it seems that noone cares

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