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How to duplicate a page and remove directory status ?

User: Cheryl L. 9 months ago
I have two pages that are designated directory pages (Gallery2018-19, Newsletters2018-19). However, I don't need them to be directories. In fact, I want them to be daughter pages for Galleries and Newsletters respectively. I realize I can simply rename them but I would like to duplicate their format for subsequent years (2019-2020, etc). I already have a master page for the header and footer. Bottom line:
1) I want to duplicate the format to save time
2) I would like to remove directory status where it is not needed to keep the structure clean and clear
Thanks. Please advise.
User: EverWeb Support 9 months ago
Hi Cheryl!

Currently, it's not possible to convert a directory to a page. However, there is a workaround.
Create a new page. Go back to the directory and select all the contents with Command+A. Paste them into your new page.

I have made a video tutorial on the topic:
The link will expire in 7 days.

If you have further questions, could you please submit a support ticket? Log in to the Client area and click the blue button "Open New Ticket" on the Welcome page. Direct link:
I'll take it from there and will do my best to help you!


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