Viewing Linking to internal page not working

Linking to internal page not working

User: Janman 11 months ago
When I enable a hyperlink in my menu bar, and choose "one of my pages", users of my page get an error message:

(I'm SO SORRY, I don't know how to make this image smaller!)

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User: EverWeb Support 11 months ago
Hi Janman,

Thank you for the details on the issue!

Please, provide me with a link to that page so I can test it from my side.
Also, please send me a screenshot of those hyperlinks settings.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,
EverWeb Support Team

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User: Janman 11 months ago
An example is on On the "contact" link at the top left, is where the weirdness happens.

Here's a screenshot of my Everweb

User: Paul-RAGESW 11 months ago

Can you try this and let us know if it works;

1. Select a different page from the 'Page' drop down menu
2. Re-select the page you want
3. Publish your website

Let me know if it works.

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