Viewing Mobile pages don't render correctly

Mobile pages don't render correctly

User: Henderson T. 10 months ago
I have spent the last two days trying to create mobile pages for a site I've been revising. The text boxes don't line up the way I have them set, and they look fine in preview. I spent all day yesterday moving a text box down little bit, publishing to be able to see how it renders, going back, adjusting more. Totally having to guess at where I put stuff. I thought it might have to do with a nav widget I had installed on Manster page, as that was showing the code and pushing images down the page. Removed that, and it still is not rendering correctly on phone. I'm viewing through Safari on two different phones, been emptying caches. Would love to know if somebody can tell me what's going on. I've sent the project to EW support. They're probably closed today. The site is:
User: EverWeb Support 10 months ago
Hello Henderson,

I am sorry for the delayed reply.

I advise to file a Support ticket for this issue as the forum restricts the display of the personal data, like the website, which is essential for investigating on the issue.

You submit a ticket through our website. Please go to
Then navigate to Support in the top → Email Us. Hit Support on the new page and proceed with filing the ticket.

We are looking for your ticket to conduct the investigation.

Kind Regards,

EverWeb Customer Support
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