Viewing Version 3 Release ?

Version 3 Release ?

User: Andrew D. 2 years ago

When do you think we'll see version 3.0 ? I'm waiting to renew my subscription and would like to know when we'll see version 3.


User: EverWeb Support 2 years ago
Hi Andrew!

EverWeb 3.0. is currently at its final stages of development. We hope to see the public beta by the end of this week - the developers just want to double-check everything works smoothly.

Here is a couple of examples of the new features in 3.0.
New contact form:
We also plan to introduce vastly improved asset management, the tutorials should follow shortly.

If you have further questions, could you please submit a support ticket? Log in to the Client area and click the blue button "Open New Ticket" on the Welcome page. Direct link:
I'll take it from there and will do my best to help you!


EverWeb Customer Support
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