Viewing Pages and links mixed up

Pages and links mixed up

User: Quan N. 4 years ago
My site has approximately 15 pages or so. Every time I publish, content is mixed up on a few different pages. Photos not appearing on correct page. Everything is perfect within the software design program.
This is driving me nuts at the moment
User: EverWeb Support 4 years ago

I am sorry to hear about the publishing problem you experience and thank you for reaching out.

First off, I would ask you to tell me the domain name, so we can check it at our end. If you do not want to post the domain name here, you are always welcome to email us to:
Please also include the link to the page where the content is mixed up and a short description of the problem, so we can confirm the issue and suggest the further course of action.

Secondly, you should publish your entire website from the File menu and then clear the cache of the browser you use and revisit your website. Alternatively, you can visit the problematic page from a different web browser to see if the issue is there.

Kind Regards

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