Viewing YouTube "Video Unavailable"

YouTube "Video Unavailable"

User: J Lee H. 8 months ago
On a number of pages on my website, I have embedded YouTube videos using the EverWeb YouTube widget. Most of them work, but some don't seem to. It will create the embed in EverWeb, but when I go to preview and click the play button, then I get "Video Unavailable." I've re-done the URL, again it looks good, but I go to preview and click and get unavailable again. This seems to most often happen with VEVO videos on YouTube, but sometimes happens with others. It doesn't seem to be consistent -- most videos do work. (They're all music videos). Any ideas why some don't work?
User: Roddy 8 months ago
YouTube videos can be unavailable for a number of reasons. The video owner can make them unavailable for embedding in other websites - mainly due to licensing restrictions or agreements.

If you are the video owner you should check out THIS YouTube page.

By the way, there are better ways to play YouTube than the default widget.




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