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Questions re themes and blog feature

User: Quan N. 4 years ago
I am looking to replace a number of iWeb sites with EverWeb and if it goes well hopefully transition family and friends that bug me to maintain their sites.

There seems to be a dearth of fresh and contemporary themes and also examples of sites using the product. I was nearly convinced to master word press for the simple reason that there are so many themes to choose from.

Themes are a huge productivity tool, especially for someone who would rather concentrate on content and business than building a site from scratch, however easy that might be. There is the obvious element of time, but there is also the design element and many people would rather tailor something than build a custom site. I personally would be happy to pay for theme packs, especially since I have multiple sites and do not want them to all look alike, so variety is important. But cannot find but a handful third parties who offer this. It might be useful to have a sticky listing designers who do offer these products.

IMHO I wonder if you underestimate the value of templates and the degree to which it would drive sales? Given that your product is designed with ease of use in mind, good themes seem to go hand in hand.

Finally, are there any new themes incorporating the blog feature and any examples of sites that have incorporated it? Is it similar in layout to iWeb or more customizable? (I am hoping to lay out the blog entries in a grid format so that a person can simply scan the lead-ins and make a selection of what appeals versus scrolling through a list. But that may be asking a lot...)

As an aside, I can tell you work very hard to develop and most of all, support your product. This forum and the responses are evidence of that.
User: EverWeb Support 4 years ago
Hi Quan,

Thank you for your interest in EverWeb!

We do offer a vast variety of regular, responsive and blog templates.

You can find them here:

Additionally, you can download EverWeb for free any try out all the templates. You can download EverWeb here:

Finally, we do not offer templates for sale because all EverWeb first party templates are free and included with the software. You can also modify every aspect of the template, change fonts and images, remove or add elements.

Let me know if you have any further questions and I will be happy to answer them.

Best Regards,
EverWeb Support Team

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