Viewing Splitting and Linking Projects

Splitting and Linking Projects

User: Tony R. 7 months ago
I have seen various mentions in the Forum about splitting projects and then linking them back together. This sounds like an ideal solution for my situation, where every year I add about 90 pages containing about 300 images. Over the years, this creates a very large site. Creating a new project for each year, and linking it to an expanding landing page, sounds good. I can create the separate sub-projects, but having searched, I can't find the way to link sub-projects to the landing page or each other. Can anyone (Roddy, Paul) provide a reference to where I could find an explanation in existing EverWeb documentation, or else provide an explanation here in the Forum?
User: Roddy 7 months ago
Once you split the site into sections, each one is published as a directory in the root folder. The landing page is published as the index.html in the root folder.

See THIS page for info about creating a link to a directory using a relative file path and a link from the directory back to the landing page. Remember that the landing page is NOT page-name.html but index.html and the first page in any directory is index.html


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