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Template for Bed & Breakfast

User: Hans Jørgen N. one year ago
It would be very nice with a template for a small Bed and Breakfast. Has any one set up a website for a Bed & Breakfast - and can advice?
User: EverWeb Support one year ago
Hi Hans!

I am sorry for the delayed reply.

The choice is on you, but let me recommend an option to increase it.
In EverWeb, click top menu bar > EverWeb > Check for new templates. After new templates are downloaded, you'll see much more options than previously. Several of these should work for your purpose.

If you have further questions, could you please submit a support ticket? Log in to the Client area and click the blue button "Open New Ticket" on the Welcome page. Direct link:
I'll take it from there and will do my best to help you!


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User: Roddy one year ago
The most important aspect of a website for accommodation or property is good staging and photos. This type of website is best made as a single page with navigation to get to the various sections. Other pages with guests comments, photo albums, things to do etc can be added at a later date but are only useful if you hook the client on the home page!

Accommodation requires a basic form for name, email, optional phone, number of guests and check-in/check-out dates.

Here's one of the demo pages created to test the functions of ThemeKit which is new concept for creating sites with EverWeb. The form has been created specifically for booking with an up/down number selector and two date pickers. It does have the option to add more fields but the thing about forms is that the more info asked for - the less likely it is to be filled in.


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