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User: Roddy one year ago
Switching to the new responsive layout creates the problem of what to do with those nifty little icons for email, phone and social media links. No longer can they be dragged and dropped anywhere you please on the design canvas.

Toolbars are the best way to organise these items and toolbars with popups allow a lot more stuff to be inserted using the minimum of space.
Popups are a great way to hide stuff on page load so that the design is not defiled by an ugly contact form or those nasty Google maps.
Using a toolbar is a convenient way to add more required items below the header or above the footer widget. A scroll toolbar makes navigating long pages easier without having to resort to using anchors and all that extra code they require.

Read the Blog Post about responsive toolbars and how to use them.

The toolbar widgets make it really easy to add links using Social, Ionicon and Font Awesome icons inserted in a future proof responsive grid layout. The popular Social icon set has be updated. The redundant icons have been removed and some new, custom icons added which are only available to EverWeb users!

Check out the RGL Toolbar pack contents and follow the links to the demo pages.


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