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Tables for EverWeb

User: Dan N. 26 days ago
Hi Guys,
I'm working with my company's web site and would need a table widget with responsive feature - a table would be seriously handy for many tasks - especially if one needs to publish a product comparison chart or similar. Is Table possibly a new widget in your pipeline ?


Dan Neugebauer
User: Paul-RAGESW 26 days ago
Hi Dan,

Yes there will be Widgets for exactly this in a few weeks.

You'll see some current examples on our pricing page on our website.

It's very customizable and responsive.

A responsive table widget will be released soon as well.

Any specific features please let us know. I will let the developer of the Widget know to see if your requirements can be implemented.

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User: Ole V. 25 days ago
I have also requested a good table solution. Some main wishes:
A solution which will allow us to enter text inside the actual table cells, endnote in a separate area
A way to give the leftmost columns and topmost row a different background
Ability to have at least 20 columns and 100 rows
The table should allow readers to copy paste the data into another table
Likewise, it should be possible, when creating a table, to paste data from another table into the EW widget
User: Alan B. 22 days ago
Column width control; cells spanning columns and/or rows?

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