Viewing Responsive table with EverWeb ?

Responsive table with EverWeb ?

User: Dan N. 2 years ago
I'm struggling with my responsive layout where my intension is to create a responsive table, but cannot kick it off. I'd like to make a specification table with several columns in a row - the texts in the row should shrink according to screen size and not jump to the next row as now. I'll give you an example of a well working table in the following web site that I'd like to produce:

Does anyone know how to do this ?
User: Roddy 2 years ago
The Responsive Module [4] widget pack has a basic, sortable overflow X table and a switch table that goes from table to list layout on mobile phones.

There are more specific types of tables in the Modules [5] pack for creating a comparison table, price comparison, price table and a large data table.


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User: Paul-RAGESW 2 years ago
Hi Dan,

We may have something in development that can work for you. If you contact customer support now and mention this post, I can send you the widget that might do exactly what you want.

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